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You can make bathing a delightful experience with a Safety Bath Walk-in-Tub



High Flow Tap

Our High Flow Tap is designed to produce a flow rate of 14gpm. This allows your Walk-In-Tub to fill in under 4 minutes. The 2" Quick Drain allows the tub to drain in 90 seconds or less.

Aluminum Door

We use an aluminum door system to ensure a tight, reliable seal that is guaranteed for life.

High Quality

Only the best quality materials and construction methods are used. Our tubs are made of acrylic, reinforced with fibreglass, and built on a stainless steel frame.

Additions and Options


Gentle light therapy that influences us either physically, psychologically, or emotionally.


Scents for the pleasure of your senses. Inducing a state of relaxation and general well-being.

Heated Water Jets

Whirlpool system generates a soft to firm wave action that creats a true massage like experience.

Warm Air Massage

Variable power settings to fit everyone's preference. This is a maintenance free Hygienic system.

Heated Seat

Keeps you warm throughout your bath.

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A Little About Us

SafetyBath is the pioneer and inventor of the walk-in-tub. We have been manufacturing and assembling premium walk-in-tubs since 1992.

We offer a wide variety of quality products that fit any application from economy to luxury, personal to commercial. We continue to be leaders in our industry by never settling for good enough. We are always looking for ways to make bathing safer and more enjoyable.

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Safety Bath is expanding it's North American dealer network and welcomes interested dealers, installers and contractors to be part of a rapidly growing business.

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