The Benefits of Water Exercise for Chronic Pain

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Water workouts are quite common and popular among those with chronic pain, illness and for the elderly. The benefits are endless and there are so many different types of water-based exercises that can help.

Some types of beneficial water exercises include:

  • Water aerobics
  • Water running and walking
  • Water treading
  • Swimming

Water exercise relies on buoyancy, resistance, and assistance which makes it a fantastic option for individuals with chronic pain or those that are elderly.

Benefit #1: Low to no impact exercise

Water exercises are a great option for exercise because they provide a very low or no-impact option for those struggling with chronic pain. Individuals struggling with hip, knee or leg pain can benefit by allowing their bodies to build muscle without causing more damage. Alternatively, these workouts are popular for athletes trying to recover from injury.

Benefit #2: Helps you stay cool

Performing your workouts in the pool, rather than outdoors or in a toasty gym, helps keep your body cool. Keep up your routine even in the hottest temperatures, wherever you’re located. When choosing a pool to exercise in, be sure to choose one that is not too hot or cold for your condition. Too cold of water, while refreshing, causes your muscles to tense up and in some conditions, you may be especially intolerant to the cold.

Benefit #3: Strength through resistance training

Moderate exercise can assist in relieving and reducing chronic pain symptoms because as you strengthen your muscles it relieves pressure, inflammation, and tenderness in your body. Water exercise relies on the natural resistance in the water to build that crucial muscle. It is a great option for an all over workout increasing your strength and endurance.

Benefit #4: Helps manage mood and stress levels

Water exercise can also improve your mental health. Being in the water is relaxing for many, and can be a lot of fun. Because of it’s relaxing properties, it can be a great way to relieve stress and tension.

Benefit #5: Chronic pain is greatly affected

Water exercises are extremely beneficial to those with chronic pain because of their safety and comfort. Arthritis, hip and knee pain and fibromyalgia pain suffers are all individuals that benefit the most from participating in water exercises.

If you’ve tried water exercise, what is your favourite activity? How did you find it affected your chronic condition, mental health or all-around well-being?

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