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5 Ways a Walk-in Hydrotherapy Tub Can Improve Your Life

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Hydrotherapy is an ancient concept that’s experiencing a recent revival for its effectiveness in pain relief for the elderly.

Literally, hydrotherapy means “therapy using water” and is useful for relieving aches and pains, in addition to other uses.

Walk-in bathtubs are specially designed for the elderly and the handicapped to aid with the bathing experience as mobility decreases with age. Bathtubs with an opening side door allows people to remain independent later in life.

Combining walk-in tubs with hydrotherapy now brings a hoard of benefits to those with joint and muscular ailments. Individuals with arthritis, gout, and other similar illnesses can use these hydrotherapy tubs to feel relief from the pain.

There are many ways a walk-in hydrotherapy tub can benefit you:

#1: Heat Therapy

Just like everything else, the human body breaks down over time.  As we age, we become more susceptible to aches and pain, as well as mobility issues.  A hot bath in a hydrotherapy tub helps relax the muscles all over the body. This gives relief from pain and reduces muscle stiffness.  There is great benefit to seniors who suffer from ailments like arthritis and gout, as well as anyone who suffers from the stiffness that comes with age.

#2: Colds and Flu

Old age can also bring issues with temperature control, making seniors feel cold much of the time.  This makes other aches and pain even more unbearable. It also causes the body’s immunity strength to drop, resulting in susceptibility to colds and flu.  Hydrotherapy in a walk-in tub helps increase body temperature and prevent flu and other illnesses.

#3: Circulation

As we age, we generally also slow down, and develop mobility issues that limit our ability to move around.  This can greatly increase the chance of circulatory issues that manifests as cramping and muscle pain.  Hydrotherapy can open up all the contracted blood vessels and improve circulation throughout the body, increasing general health and mobility.

#4: Therapeutic Jets

In addition to heat therapy, hydrotherapy walk-in bathtubs also provide massage through the use of pressurized jets of water.  The directional jets can be turned on and off at will, and provide soothing and effective massage to any area of the body.  Hydrotherapy massage can help reduce pain from existing conditions like arthritis, or simply from sore, tired muscles as a result of overuse.

#5: Stress Relief

The modern world is fast-paced and full of chaos that can cause stress to young and old.  Hydrotherapy walk-in bathtubs provide a soothing, warm environment with directional massage that can can help anyone reduce the stress in their lives by relaxing and massaging their muscles.

Walk-in tubs provide accessible bathing for seniors and anyone with mobility issues, helping them stay independent longer with their most intimate duties.  Hydrotherapy adds an extra layer of enjoyment and therapy through massage that will make your walk-in tub an oasis of calm and healing in a stressful world.

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