Canned Foods Aren’t Boring — They’re The Underdogs

A bowl of hummus.
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They sit on a dark shelf, waiting patiently. They’re the underdog of the pantry; rarely making it to the fridge where the everyday stars live.

Canned foods are often forgotten about when there’s fresh fruit, vegetables, and meats around — but they’re always there when we need them.

At the time of writing this post, many people are practicing social isolation to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With this, people will be staying home and going grocery shopping only when they need essentials. We don’t know how long this situation will last, so it’s wise to buy non-perishable foods that won’t go off quickly.

Disclaimer: We’re not suggesting that people should hoard items like canned goods; we’re simply reminding people that canned goods last a long time and can help us practice better social isolation. When people hoard items it clears the shelves of things that other people need. Be responsible when you’re shopping and make sure there’s still items left for others to buy.

Nevertheless, it’s time for canned foods to show their worth.

5 Recipes That Prove Canned Foods Are Awesome

We’ve dug up five recipes that prove that canned foods aren’t boring; they’re delicious and nutritious. You just need to get a little creative!

#1: The Best Hummus

Hummus from the store is nice, but have you ever made your own? This recipe goes into detail on how to make perfect, creamy, fluffy hummus.

#2: Easy Coconut Chickpea Curry

This recipe uses canned chickpeas, tomatoes, and coconut milk.

#3: Homemade Refried Beans

Yes, you can get refried beans in a can already, but they’re way better made from scratch! This way you get less preservatives and more flavour.

#4: Super Simple Tuna Muffin Cups

Okay, fair. “Muffin” isn’t the first word I think about after “tuna,” but these make a really great lunch or snack!

#5: Quick and Easy Vegetable Pot Pie

Pot pies are cozy and comforting, and they don’t need meat to be satisfying. Although, if you do want to make a meat pie we highly recommend trying this one!

We hope these recipes inspire a little bit of excitement for your pantry. Let’s make the most of our time indoors and cook up something tasty!

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