Walk in Bathtub Conversion Kits

Secure your bathtub with a Conversion Kit from Safety Bath

Secure Your Bathtub with a Conversion Kit from Safety Bath

Sometimes, making the necessary renovations to make your bathtub more accessible may be out of your reach. Maybe you’re renting and can’t make any drastic changes to your house, or maybe you’ve recently renovated and don’t want to cause any more disruptions. Whatever the case may be, you can still have a secure walk in tub without making any invasive changes to your bathroom with a conversion kit from Safety Bath. Safety Bath is the premier provider of safe bathtub additions, extensions and accessories. Our line of safety conversion kits allow you to make your tub more accessible no matter the layout of your bathroom. Don’t let renovations prevent you from getting the safe bathtub you need—here is some more information about our conversion kits and how they can be easily incorporated into your home.

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