Easy Access Bath Tubs

Walk-In Bathtubs for Handicapped Persons


Providing a safe, enjoyable way for people with handicaps and other mobility challenges to bathe is the sole mission at Safety Bath. Our team has been manufacturing and assembling premium walk-in tubs since 1992. Using only the highest quality materials and construction techniques, Safety Bath delivers a line of products that are suitable for residential and commercial use alike. While tub designs may vary based on model, each tub in our extensive line is crafted to provide the features people with handicaps need to ensure a safe and comfortable bathing experience.

As an inventor, manufacturer and seller of walk in tubs, Safety Bath is committed to providing uncompromising quality in each design we produce. Our walk in tubs for people with handicaps are distinguished by these features that are built into every design:


  • High flow tap


The inconvenience of having to wait for a walk in tub to fill after getting in or to drain before getting out is not part of the Safety Tub walk in tub design. Our tubs feature a special high flow tap that fills at a rate of 14gpm. This enables our walk in tub models to fill in less than four minutes. A 2-inch quick drain removes water in 90 seconds or less to add even more convenience to the bathing process.

  • Aluminum doors


The swinging-door designs of walk in tubs are one of the features that make them ideal for people with handicaps or other mobility challenges. Safety Tub designs are outfitted with a specialized aluminum door system that creates a watertight, reliable seal that is guaranteed for life. This design not only provides the easier access and safety that comes from removing the perilous 20-inch step over found in traditional tub designs, but also offers extra peace of mind in regard to capacity to hold tub water in its place.

  • Quality construction materials


Safety Bath walk in tubs are built upon sturdy stainless steel frames that are reinforced with fibreglass fiberglass and covered with acrylic to create beautiful additions for any bathroom. This combination of materials results in a durable, quality product that withstands the test of time without losing its beauty. Safety Tub walk in tub designs are built with quality in mind. By providing a safer, more and comfortable way for people with handicaps to bathe, our tubs provide peace of mind while enabling greater independence in the bathroom. To find outknow more, browse through our collection of walk in tubs for people with handicaps and other mobility challenges.