Walk-In Tubs for Elderly

Walk in Tubs for Seniors


It is fairly common knowledge that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home. After all, this is the location where slips, trips and falls are most likely to happen in a space that tends to be rather confined in most home’s designs. That is precisely one of the reasons Safety Bath is pleased to offer consumers an extensive line of walk-in tub models meant to make this room safer and more accessible for seniors, people with disabilities and anyone who seeks to remove common hazards from their surroundings.

While our walk-in tub models may vary in some of their features, they all offer these benefits when used in home and commercial settings:


    • Improved accessibility

The traditional bathtub’s design that requires a 20-inch step over to access the water poses a major safety risk for people who are older, suffer from mobility challenges or have other concerns, such as balance issues. Safety Bath walk-in tub models all remove this concern by offering swinging doors to replace that step over. These aluminum doors are designed for easier accessibility while offering a watertight fit that removes any water leakage concerns.


    • Greater support while bathing

Slip-resistant flooring, seating and grab bars combine in walk-in tub models to provide more support for those with mobility challenges while they are in the bath. These added features simply make bathing less of a concern and enable seniors and others to enjoy a more relaxing experience with greater peace of mind.


    • Potential therapeutic value

Soaking in a hot tub is known to relax tired, sore muscles and reduce pain. Depending on the features added to a Safety Bath walk-in tub, that experience can be elevated even more. Hot water jets, heated seats, microbubbles and other additions can transform a standard walk-in tub into a spa worthy model that offers therapeutic benefits.


    • Restoration of independence

For seniors and those with mobility challenges, a walk-in tub can restore a sense of independence. This is especially so for those who are unable to bathe without assistance in traditional tubs with a hazardous step over.

To find out more about bringing a walk-in tub home, just explore our product pages or call Safety Bath today!