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You can make bathing a delightful experience with a Safety Bath Walk-in-Tub

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Safety Bath’s walk-in-tubs offer the ultimate bathing experience for home or care facility use.

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Barrier Free Showers

Barrier Free Shower

Our barrier-free showers offer a nonslip pan and are manufactured with a full wood backing.

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Conversion Kits

Conversion Kits

Gives users an accessible bathing experience without the need to replace their existing tub.

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Hear What Others Think of Safety Bath

Person A

I have just received my Safety Bath Walk-in-Tub. Being elderly and health problems, I have not been able to have a bath. So much to my delight and pleasure, I am enjoying soaking in the tub, using the bubbly jets and the comfort of sitting down.

Phyllis – Prince George, BC

Person B

I have trouble walking and standing. I don’t need help getting in and out of the tub. I feel safe!

Jim – Saskatoon, SK

Thanks to Safety Bath, I can now have my baths at home. It is comfortable and easy to use.

Muriel – North Battleford, SK

My Safety Bath Walk-in-Tub has given me back my independence in the bathroom. I feel so safe and stress free about bathing in the walk in tub. In the past I had problems getting into and out of my regular tub. Now I have the freedom and safety and because of this I feel years younger because of the independence.

Joseph – Castor, NL

I love my Safety Bath Walk-in-Tub because I feel secure not having to step over a tub to get out. I love the jet stream which helps with aches and pains. I love the bench to rest during my long showers. Also it looks classy – not like the other walk in tubs that look like you’re in a pod ☺

Diana – Bronx, NY

Nice Tub ☺

Sean – St Albert, AB

I haven’t had the tub installed for a long enough period of time to give a fair assessment. I do however, like the total body immersion.

Barbara – Dunnville, ON

Easy in – Easy out. Very Relaxing – secure. Friendly user bath, easy to clean.

Roger – St Lazare, QC

After exhaustive research, the Safety Bath Walk-in-Tub was the only tub that met and exceeded my quality standards and personnel needs for a walk in tub. I have chronic muscle and arthritic pain from a severe auto accident ten years ago and the therapeutic relief I get from the Safety Bath Walk-in-Tub is priceless!!

Larry – Utica, MI

I enter and exit my tub with confidence and ease. I enjoy the soothing feel that the heated water jets provide, relieving my aches and pains. I truly love my Safety Bath tub!

Darlene – Neepawa, MB

I love my Safety Bath Walk-in-Tub Conversion Kit as it is convenient for getting into my tub. No more having to climb over the side. I just open door, walk in, close door, run water and enjoy my bath. Have already told other health people about the convenience. This Safety Bath Walk-in-Tub conversion kit is for people like me with arthritis and other health problems - not just for seniors.

Thelma - Ingersoll, ON

Safety Bath, Panama, Walk-in-Tub

John Wilson sold us our unit and his demonstration about the walk-in-tubs and your company instilled enough confidence, that we signed on the same day. He talked about being fair minded and said he always treated his customers fairly. He eluded to the quality of your products compared to others that I had studied and priced. He also discussed how his installers always did an excellent job and were sticklers for details. They did and they were.

While your tubs are more expensive than some of the others, they are Canadian made and the quality in the structure of the tub Is easily discernible. The door is particularly well reinforced. I watched them install the tub and could see for myself that the quality is built in. We had the Panama model installed and I have to tell you that the installation process went as smooth as silk. The tub and surrounding area looks lovely and professionally finished. My wife has been using the tub regularly and just loves it. We should have done this years ago.

John - Manotick, ON

I am able to enjoy the first warm and beautiful wash in over three years. My hip and knee joint replacements have prevented me being able to lower myself or get up from a conventional tub. It also has beautified my bathroom.

Glendon - Comox, BC

The door is wide and easy to use, it makes it safe for getting in and out. The three levels of air bubbles work great and the self-cleaning jets are fantastic. The controls are of excellent quality and easy to use. We are very pleased with this unit.

Jean - Cornwall, ON

Walk in tub is safer than regular. The tub is safer for my 93 year old wife, and does meet her basic bathing needs

J Barton - Carp,ON

We love our tub! After YEARS of using regular tubs, we have to say that we did not know what we were missing. Thank you Safety Bath.

D Kromrey - Arnprior, ON

I love my Safety Bath Walk-in Tub because it's like having my own in-house spa. What a Luxury!!

J O'Leary - Penticton, BC

Our new Safety Bath So-Lo Tub is amazing! Mom, who is 93 and Dad, who is 95 recently moved into our home. We purchased a So-Lo Tub from Safety Bath Tubs so they could have a shower safely. The new tub fit perfectly into the existing tub opening in our bathroom. Now, they simply step through the tub door opening and enjoy a shower. The tub door closes tight so if the grandchildren come to visit the tub functions nicely as a regular bathroom for them. The slip resistant floor gives us piece of mind when the tub is used by all the family members. Excellent tub and excellent service. Thanks to the folks at Safety Bath Tubs!

B Cooley - Roberts Creek, BC

Safety Bath

Safety Bath has been the number one supplier of bathtub safety products and accessories for over 20 years. Since 1992, our team of expert designers and manufacturers have been working to develop to latest in accessible tubs and showers to keep you secure and protected while you bathe. Bathroom slip-and-falls are one of the biggest reasons for household injuries, especially among seniors and people with low mobility. Slipping on hard bathroom surfaces can cause many physical injuries including muscle tears, fractures, joint problems, broken bones and head injuries.

Make your bathroom a safe and pleasant environment with the premier bathtubs and protective accessories from Safety Bath. Our line of walk-in baths, safe step tubs, shower surrounds and conversion kits have been making bathtubs safer around the globe. For the sustainable and high-quality accessible bathtub modifications, extensions and additions you can trust, choose the expertly designs products from Safety Bath.

A Commitment to Quality

At Safety Bath, we’re dedicated to providing you with the latest in high quality walk-in tubs and related accessories. Our commitment to quality means that we only use the latest in durable materials to build our products. All of our products have been approved by the Canadian Standards Association, American National Standards and Underwriters Laboratories. Our acrylic tubs are reinforced with fiberglass and built on a stainless steel frame to ensure their long-term durability.

Our Accessories and Conversion Kits

Alongside our line of senior-friendly bathtubs and handicap accessible tubs and showers, Safety Bath also provides a number of bathtub accessories, including shower surrounds and conversion kits. Shower surrounds are easy-to-install and can be adjusted to fit around your walk-in bath for additional convenience. Our conversion kits are accessories that can be added on to your current bathtub to make it more accessible, such as a custom safety seat that can be attached to the edge of your tub. We also offer a number of special add-on features, including chromotherapy and aromatherapy additions, heated water and warm air jets, and heated seat extensions.

Limited Lifetime Warranty and Financing Options

Because Safety Bath has a commitment to quality, we offer a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that you get the most out of your walk-in tub. This includes a lifetime warranty on the door seal and gasket, a ten year warranty on bathtub shell, frame, door handle and latching mechanism, and a two year warranty on any air and water jetting system. Our faucets also come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer.

There are many financing options available for people who may have financial barriers to accessing Safety Bath products. In Canada, you may be able to claim your Safety Bath product as a eligible medical expense, or finance your purchase through the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) for Persons with Disabilities or Canadian Veterans Independence Services. There are also several financing programs available if you live in the United States. Visit our FAQ page for more information about your financial options.

Bathing in the comfort of your own home doesn’t have to be a danger or a safety risk. With the innovative walk-in tubs and accessories from Safety Bath, you can enjoy a relaxing soak or shower securely and conveniently. For more information about our line of accessible bath products and to order a walk-in tub for your home, contact us today.