Different Choices for Handicap Bathtubs

Enhancing bathroom accessibility and safety for yourself or a loved one who suffers from mobility issues can be achieved through the addition of a handicap bathtub. This style of tub is designed to make getting into and out of the bathing area less challenging while offering safety enhancements anyone can benefit from. What consumers may not realize, however, is that there are several choices to consider.

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How Bathtub Doors Enhance Safety and Accessibility

Creating a safer, more accessible bathroom is a priority in many homes. Whether the decision to tackle concerns in this room is prompted by a family member’s age, disability or just a general desire to remove common household hazards, bathtub doors make a big difference. This upgrade is one that enhances safety and accessibility immediately by directly addressing common, fall and slip hazards in the home.

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Difference Between a Walk-In Shower and a Traditional Shower

When people get older or if disabilities are a concern, it’s not uncommon for healthcare providers to recommend certain enhancements to help them overcome obstacles. At home, addressing bathroom accessibility is typically a top priority. One of the recommendations that may be made involves changing a traditional shower with a walk-in shower. While the two serve identical purposes in regard to bathing, they are very different by design.

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Sitting Bathtub: Ideal Choice for Seniors

As people get older, it’s not uncommon for mobility challenges to arise. Even if they haven’t, taking steps to enhance safety at home can prevent serious accidents that may leave seniors injured and stop them from living independently. If it’s time to consider the safety of the most dangerous room of the house – the bathroom – there is a distinct option that can help. Sitting bathtubs can make a very big difference.

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Why Walk-In Bathtubs are Better Than Regular Bathtubs?

While many people associate walk-in bathtubs with elderly or disabled people, these designs are rapidly becoming the fixture of choice even in homes where no one suffers from mobility challenges. As this trend continues, some potential buyers may find themselves wondering just why walk-in bathtubs are considered better than regular tub designs.

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4 Things to Avoid: Tips for Making a Bathroom Safer for Seniors

Creating a safer home environment for an elderly loved one can prove to be a tremendous gift. By making rooms around the home safer, family members can help seniors avoid injuries and may even assist them in maintaining their independence longer. When the time comes to take a critical look at home safety for seniors, the bathroom is the best place to start. There are four things that can be addressed to make a huge difference in reducing hazards in this room.

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How to Find the Best Choice for Walk-In Bathtubs

Making the decision to retrofit a wet room or replace an existing tub with a walk-in bathtub model is an excellent choice. This upgrade from a traditional tub can enhance bathroom safety for users of all ages. For those with age- or disability-related mobility challenges, the purchase can provide greater accessibility to the tub and may even restore the ability for independent use of this often difficult-to-navigate room. Choosing the right design, however, is a little more complicated than many people think.

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4 Must-Know Bathroom Safety Tips

While many people think of automobiles when the word accident comes up, the truth is most mishaps occur at home. The bathroom, in fact, tends to be the most dangerous room in any residential setting. Fortunately, there are steps every family can take to ensure greater safety in this room.

Whether family members are old, young, able bodied or suffer from mobility challenges, these four tips can enhance safety in the bathroom:

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Bath Transfer Bench: A Helpful Tool for Older People

Getting older has its share of ups and downs. While those senior citizen discounts may come in handy for keeping the budget in line, mobility challenges can pose real concerns. Some people may even find that getting around their own homes becomes more difficult – and potentially perilous – the older they get. If it’s time to address some common concerns around the home, the bathroom is the best place to start. For many older people, a bath transfer bench can make a big difference.

Bath transfer benches are extremely helpful tools for older people. The benches are intended to provide older people a place to sit while they are in the shower or bath. They also make it safer for people to get into and out of the tub by enabling them to slide in or out of the water. For those who use walkers, canes, or wheelchairs to get around, this addition can be a huge benefit.

Bath transfer benches can be designed for installation in two main ways: permanent or semi-permanent. If a transfer bench is required for extended use, custom designs that are intended for permanent installation may prove to be the best investment. This style of bench affixes to the bathtub wall and can fold up or down for use as desired. Other designs are meant to be removed as needed. Rather than affix to the tub permanently, they have suction cups on their feet to allow easy installation and removal.

Regardless of the style selected, bath transfer benches can be very helpful tools for these reasons and more:

They make it easier for older people to get into the bathtub –

Benches can remove the need for people to step over a tub or shower wall to gain access to the bathing area. In doing so, they remove very common slip-and-fall hazards.

They provide respite when needed –

Some older people may simply not be able to stand in a shower for its duration or submerge in a tub. Benches provide a safe place to sit while showering or bathing.

Creating a safer bathroom environment can be a big concern as people age. Bath transfer benches provide an affordable option that can make a big difference for many.

3 Things to Know About Shower Surround Kits

When a person suffers from age- or disability-related mobility challenges, making certain upgrades in the bathroom can be important. If the right retrofits are selected, both accessibility and safety can be improved greatly. One of the more popular options for addressing these concerns involves replacing an existing shower stall with a shower surround kit. These special kits can be highly effective while also being affordable, making them a great choice for many homes.

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