Walk-in Bathtub with Inward-Swinging Door

The So-Lo is a standard 5′ tub, but with a door for accessibility. This economical offering makes a walk-in bathtub attainable for all budgets. It has less features and options than other models, but still solves the issue of having to step over a tall tub edge, making bathing safer for anyone with mobility issues.


To ease getting in and out of a low tub, the transfer bench allows the bather to shift their body weight onto a higher, supported surface, rather than the bottom of the tub. Our bamboo transfer bench adds style as well as safety.


The acrylic tub shell looks great and is easy to clean, and it has a slip-resistant texture on the tub floor.



Self-Healing Light Therapy

Light up your bath with underwater lights! Each colour corresponds to a vibration with its individual speed, wavelength, or rhythm. It creates the most soothing bath experience.

Practiced since ancient times, chromatherapy engages with the energy centres throughout your body. The colours activate and rebalance your energy system.


Physical Relaxation

Experience the soothing benefit of soft, warm, air massage in your bath. The bubbles on your skin are one of the most rejuvenating treatments.

Warm air enters the bathtub through tiny jets, creating a gentle flow of soft bubbles. This provides a massaging effect to help your joints and muscles to relax.



Maximum Relaxation

Enjoy the benefits of essential oils with a built-in aromatherapy system in your walk-in tub, relaxing and soothing you while you bathe.

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses aromatic oils to enhance physical and emotional health.

A Warmer Wait

With any walk-in tub, you have to wait in the tub while it fills. Our high-flow faucets minimize the wait as much as possible, but a heated seat is a great add-on to keep you warm for those few minutes while the tub fills. Avoid that first cold touch when you first sit down!

Head Rest

Lean back and relax in even more comfort with the silicone pillow. This durable, easy-to-clean pillow attaches to the back rest of any of our tubs.

Padded Seat

This silicone seat cushion adds an extra layer of comfort to the seat of any of our walk-in tubs, and is made of a durable and easy-to-clean material.

Includes a

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Looking for a price?

Please provide us with a few details so we can prepare a customized, no-obligation quote.

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